• Loyalty program




Dear customers !


 We would like to show you how happy we are to be with you, that's why we launched loyalty program on 11.03.2019. Loyalty points will be calculated with every order placed on our web shop denmax.pl. Later on they can be used to decrease the price of future order.


How to make use of our loyalty program?

It's easy! All you need to do is registration in order to count loyalty points automatically with every order.

For each 1PLN (€0,244) spent you'll get 1 loyalty point!

Caution: Denmax's loyalty points doesn't have expire date so you can spend them whenever you want!


Loyalty points exchange rate.

100 loyalty points are worth 1PLN (€0,244).


How to make use of loyalty points?

During finalization of placing your order you can lower its price by value of accumulated on your account points. You can decrease price of your order maximally to 1zł (€0,244). Usage of loyalty points is optional.


Kind regards,

Denmax Team